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Organic Landscapes

Over the years, nature and I have danced a slow dance together.  Whether I was on an Island in Western Washington, mountains of  Eastern Washington, or the prairies and rivers of Minnesota, we held each other in a splendidly close embrace. Then, at other times, surrounded by concrete, and asphalt, we slowly spun apart.   


Over the years I have realized just how important it is for me to connect with nature. While working on this series I spent time again in the natural world. Whether I was hiking along the Eastern coast of Baja Sur, Mexico, exploring the caves and tide pools of Puget Sound or embracing the rich and lustrous volumes of lilacs in Northfield.  Once again, I was dancing.


My desire was to see these places and formations in a new way.  How would the incessant seduction of gravity affect the colors and textures of rocks, flowers, and sea?  I worked with acrylic paints and lots of water, misting the pigments and letting gravities draw, create the flow.  

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