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Lisa Guthrie 

I grew up in Northfield, Minnesota in the 1960's and 70's.  Many hours were spent, pencil in hand, copying Arthur Rackham book illustrations and sketching the flora and fauna I found near our house on Rural Route 2.  There were also many delightful museum trips in Minneapolis and Seattle. 

   The late 70's and early 80's included lots of traveling, studying art at the Unversity of Minnesota and a move to Guemes Island in Western Washington.  After my son Calder was born, I began a small business printing and selling handmade cards.  Lino prints of family life and the surrounding marvels of Puget Sound.  This evolved into whimsical, pen and ink watercolors of daily life and also acrylic paintings of my son in action!
  Anacortes Youth Arts in Washington gave me the opportunity to share art with young people for eight years!  This led to working with students for 17 years in a rural K-8 school.
  I returned to Minnesota five years ago to spend time with my parents. During these five years, I have enjoyed more time to make art.  First portraits, abstract landscapes and always photography.  New travels have taken me to Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Budapest.  Each location offers its own delightful array of subjects.

   Primarily self-taught, I love to continue my learning through workshops and classes online.
   Currently, I am a member of the Northfield Arts Guild, MN Artists, Fine Art America and The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association.  

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